A Proposal for a Future Democratic Government in Nicaragua

The Proposals’ Group for Nicaragua points out the challenges and actions for a new administration after the departure of Daniel Ortega.

Civil society organizations and more than a hundred Nicaraguan professionals presented “A Nation Proposal” for after a change of Government. The Proposals’ Group assures that “they are contributions for a democratic, free Nicaragua, with social justice, with respect for citizen rights, tolerance and pluralism; with a diversified and sustainable economy for the benefit of all.”
In the document, problems ranging from poverty to environmental issues and risk-management are addressed. In addition, a Government Proposal is presented “that allows the political transition and the construction of democracy in Nicaragua to be carried out, once the 2021 elections are held.” Its implementation covers a period of five years, from the inauguration of the “new government.”

Broadly speaking, the proposal is divided into four areas: a) Institutional reform; b) Social policy; c) Economic policy, and d) cross-cutting aspects of great importance: environment, natural disaster risk management, gender equality, children, adolescents and youth, and an “Immediate Relief Plan” for the most vulnerable population.

The 191-page document is intended for a future government administration, after the departure from power of Daniel Ortega. It takes into account the general elections scheduled for November of this year, although they have not yet been called.

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