Activities from February 1st to 28th, 2015

Activity report for Selva Cristalina.    February 2015.  

  • Paulownias irrigation: Irrigation to all paulownias was performed. This work used a total of 295 men during the month of Feb. No threat of plant disease or forest fire was reported in the area.
  • Shade trimming: Shade trimming was performed using a total of 143 men, similar numbers to the previous month.
  • Fire preventions rounds: Fire rounds were made to prevent forest fires in the plantations. Temperatures of about 33° Celsius  were registered in the month. No threat of fire was reported.
  • Land clearance: A total of 80 acres were cleared where the 2015 planting will take place.3
  • Chainsaw work: 20 acres of chainsaw work was performed in order to prepare the area for the 2015 planting season. 
  • Trail maintenance and new road openings with the bulldozer: 5 km of new roads were built with the bulldozer in order to have easier access to the farm through the near-by town. It was made because Belen’s entrance is difficult to access in rainy season.  600 meters of public road were fixed and maintenance to 7 km of existing road in the farm was performed.
  • Nursery bag filling: A total 66,000 bags with topsoil were filled up to go in to the nursery of pochote  (spiny cedar) and mahogany  for the 2015 planting season.4



Activities performed Men Area Acre Road work Nursery bags filling
Irrigation to 11,000.00 Paulownias 295
Shade trimming 143
Nursery preparation 100
Land clearance (veneer) 80
Chainsaw work 20
New road build (bulldozer work) 5
Road maintenance (bulldozer work) 7
Bag nursery filling (2015 plantation) 66,600
total 538 100 12 66,600