Activities from January 1st to the 31st, 2015

  • Activity report for Selva Cristalina farm.    Jan 2015.  

  • Paulownias irrigation:  Constant irrigation is performed on a total of 11,000 paulownia plants allowing smaller plants to stay alive. No threat of plant disease was reported in the area.
  • Shade trimming: Opening of sunlight is needed to allow the new saplings to have sun. 141 men worked on that in January.1
  • Nursery for 2015 plantation (preparation of topsoil):  The topsoil is prepared using 80% black dirt and 20% rice hulls,  to be used for planting the pochote and mahogany at the nursery, 100 men were needed.


Activities performed Men
Irrigation to  11,000 Paulownias 179
Shade lifting 141
Nursery for 2015 plantation (preparation of substrate) 100
Total 420