Activities from March 1st to 31st, 2015

 Activity report for Selva Cristalina.         March 2015.   

  • Paulownia irrigation: Irrigation to all of the paulownias was performed. This work required the use of a total of 211 men during the month of March. No threat of plant disease or fire was reported in the area.
  • Shade trimming: Shade trimming was performed using a total of 46 men during the month of March.
  • Pest Control: Pest control work was performed using a total of 65 men in both the paulownia plantation and the local hardwoods.
  • Chainsaw work: 35 acres of chainsaw work was performed in order to prepare the area for the 2015 planting season.
  • Nursery bag filling: A total of 10,340 bags were filled with topsoil to go in to the nursery of pochote and mahogany (2015 planting season). 
  • Pre-germinated Irrigation: A total of 107,300 sapling bags were installed in the nursery to be used during 2015 for both pochote and mahogany.




Activities performed    Men Area Acres Nursery bag filling Bags in the nursery
Irrigating 18,000 paulownias 211
Shade trimming 46 175
Pest control 65 45
Chainsaw work 35
Nursery bag filling (2015 planting season) 10,340
Pre-germinated Irrigation ( 2015 planting season) 107,300
Total 322 255 10,340 107,300