The agricultural and agroindustrial activity has always been an important engine of socioeconomic growth for the country. It is a source for the generation of employment and income, contributes to the improvement of the quality of life of the rural and urban population; and contributes greatly to the country’s competitiveness as an export model.

Agribusiness Industry Numbers

14.4% of GDP

47.3% of 2017 total exports

293,500 direct and indirect jobs

Main Agribusiness Goods Exported

Agribusiness Companies in Nicaragua

Why Nicaragua

Investment Opportunities

Agro-Exportable Production

The combination of fertile soil available at competitive prices, the favorable climate conditions and the abundance of hydric resources, provide a perfect context for the establishment of export-oriented agricultural production.

According to the Exportable Offer Study conducted by the Ministry of Development, Industry and Trade (MIFIC, for its acronym in Spanish), the products with the greatest export potential are yucca or cassava (waxed and frozen), peanuts (processed or shell-less), cocoa (beans or powdered), honey, beans (black and red) and cashews. Other products with a high potential are sesame seeds, pineapple, mango, guava, watermelon, onions, vegetables and citrus (especially lemon and oranges).


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