Agricultural business in Central America

  • Thursday, November 8, 2018
Coffee is still the main agricultural product sold abroad, with annual exports of around $3,035 million, followed by bananas, with $2,574 million and sugar, with $1,241 million.
Figures from the interactive platform “Central American Crops Monitoring” compiled by CentralAmericaData‘s Business Intelligence Unit:

During the last year, the main coffee export destinations were the U.S., Germany, Belgium, Japan and Canada, which together account for 73% of total sales in the region. In 2017 the average price per kilo of coffee showed a downward trend, going from $3.32 to $2.88 between January and December.

Bananas are the second most important agricultural product for the region according to the value exported, since in 2017 Central America sold abroad $2,574 million, equivalent to 6.1 million tons. Last year regional sales of this fruit registered an increase of 7% compared to 2016, and exports reached record figures.

Sugar was the third most important crop in 2017 for the region, with Central American countries exporting a total of $1.241 million last year. The main destinations for sugar exports were the U.S., Taiwan, Canada and Ivory Coast, which together account
nearly 40% of total sales.