Café nica awarded by Starbucks

Special coffee represents 30% of Cisa’s exports.

Café nica awarded by Starbucks

The Starbucks chain included in March the Monimbó coffee farm, located in Jinotega , as part of its exclusive Starbucks Reserve coffee line. This estate is part of the brand ‘Premium Estates’, the selection of specialty coffees created by the Mercon group, with the best of its harvest from Nicaragua, Guatemala and Vietnam.

In both cases (Premium Estates and Starbucks), the selection criteria not only focus on the quality of the beverage that can be served from these grains, but also on the production process being sustainable, and taking into account the welfare of the community and the protection of the environment.

Federico Argüello, commercial manager of Cisa Exportadora , the main national exporter of coffee, explained in the television program Esta Noche that the connection between a chain like Starbucks and a farm like Monimbó, is not a matter of moment.

In its wide portfolio of producers, Cisa has several profiles similar to those of Monimbó, with a rather special product, above the national average. The exporting company sends several samples to the toasters and if one is to the taste of the companies, the orders are filled and the coffee from the selected farm is sent.


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