Client Testimonial.

I was very interested in Timber to protect the wealth I have generated as well as a means of creating more.  It’s uncorrelated to the broader stock market and is a specialty product in high demand.  It allows me to diversify my holdings outside the USA and allows me to build a wealth generation model to pass on to my kids.

Working with Maderas Futuro allows me to own the land and the trees while having experienced foresters manage it. The economic model reflects the business savvy of smart people – and it is smart people that I want to do business with.

Their Discovery Tour allowed me to get to know more about Nicaragua and the people I would be doing business with.  I was very impressed by the caliber of the people and the sense of “family” of the entire operation.  I verified that the laws of Nicaragua are very friendly to business investment and protect the rights of landowners, welcoming foreign ownership.

Finally, it simply feels “right” and good to invest in a company that is doing right by the planet through reforestation and sustainable timber production and doing right by the people of Nicaragua.

Steve T., Georgia