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What Our Clients Are Saying


Working with Precious Timber was breaking new ground for me. I had never researched foreign investing, so to say that I was skeptical would be an understatement. I had questions and more questions. 

The Precious Timber team not only took the time to help me understand the issues related to timber, coconuts, and coffee, but the CEO himself shared his appreciation of the location that is the basis of the PR operation. 

During my visit, I witnessed how Precious Timber demonstrates their respect fore the local community, by helping to upgrade schools, playgrounds, libraries, and baseball fields for the locals too enjoy. The company works hard making sure every employee feels that their contribution is important.

I felt good about the cooperative atmosphere that I witnessed, but the clinching decision for me to invest in both coconuts and hardwoods was based on performance expectations. I was able to roll over funds from my traditional IRA into a Self-Directed IRA seamlessly.



As I was approaching retirement, I realized I needed to reduce my exposure to the US stock market. I began researching alternative investments such as land, timber, and collectibles. Luckily, my search led me to Precious Timber.

The returns seemed reasonable, and more attractive than what the past several years in the stock market had produced. From my business background, I learned to “trust but verify”, and the Discovery Tour provided me the opportunity to do just that.

I found the tour to be highly organized and presented by friendly, hard-working staff members, who made me feel safe and extremely welcomed. The team provided information that you just wouldn’t get from printed or video information.

What strikes me about Precious Timber is the integrity of Alex, Ken, Kevin, and the rest of their hard-working staff. I trust that they are working on my behalf and have my best interests in mind. The entire company is family-oriented, and it shows in their hiring practices and in their community projects. I feel I have developed a friendship with them that goes beyond the business aspect.



To invest with Precious Timber, I ended up using an Inherited IRA very creatively. With an Inherited IRA, you have a value, and that value [along with life actuaries] determines how much you have to take out every year. But investing in timber has been a highly-effective way of storing, and preserving that value for my family over the long-run.

When it comes to investment options, you could park your money with some guy at some investment bank in a contra-fund, pay the fees, and ride the ups-and-downs. But if you would prefer to invest in something you can look, touch, and feel, look at agriculture.

Agriculture, and particularly timber, is a very, very lucrative opportunity. The problem is, is that you typically have to be a big player to get into the business.

So what Alex has created, is a way for us little individual investors to buy trees, at a very reasonable cost, and still enjoy the returns and benefits that if offers.



As a recent retiree, I began looking for agricultural investments as a low risk, high return alternative to traditional fixed-income holdings. As an ex-engineer, I would have never imagined the possibility of becoming a ‘farmer’, except for the embedded agricultural, marketing, and management expertise I found with Precious Timber (PT).

I have now made three visits to Latin America, and currently own timber, coconuts, and coffee with PT. We view the coconuts and coffee projects as “agricultural annuities”, which should provide part of our retirement income needs for many years to come.

The timber, we view as a longer term “bonus investment”, for ourselves and future generations. Our dealings with Precious Timber and their entire team have been professional, pleasant, transparent, and prompt – which made the investing process quite painless.

We look forward to working with them into our old age, and to having them as part of our son’s future. In my opinion, supported by 4 years’ history so far, I believe you just can’t find a better group to deal with.



Foremost is that we both consider our trip to be a total success. There is nothing that we can suggest for improvement. Your entire staff is simply outstanding. Ken saw to every need, and did so with charm, and absent high pressure selling mode. Lily was delightful, obviously very intelligent, graceful, and to our way of thinking a major asset. Etc., etc., etc.

Bud and Marcelyn


Dear Alex & Ken,

I am a big believer in having to remain financially independent. Not because it is a nice pleasant dream, but because it is a necessity. For health reasons, I had to retire from ‘active duty’ (I was a telecommunications engineer with NASA) about 15 years before ‘normal’ retirement age. Fortunately I had read Robert Kiyosaki’s words about becoming financially educated and learning about assets and cash-flow, so I had started (in a small way; remember, I was only an engineer!) to acquire some income-generating assets. This allowed me to retire without having to rely on any pension or social security (I was too young to qualify, anyway).

I do think many governments and business are drowning in debt, so I do not put much faith in financial (paper) assets. When you’re retired, you do not have another 30 years to recover from a business going bankrupt, a government nationalizing (taking away) your assets or devaluing them overnight. So a retiree needs to be a bit more cautious with where he will invest his capital, and he needs part of his investments to provide an income, not based on many speculations and ‘what if’s’.

So I was looking to invest in something ‘real’ (such as agricultural products), something that could provide annual income, based on real demand.

For that Maderas Futuro / Precious Timber offers various products: a fast-growing, regenerating tree (meaning that it grows back from its stump after you’ve harvested it), the Paulownia tree; and even better, coconut trees. Both products have been well-researched and there are many customers and uses for them.

I also wanted to achieve long-term capital appreciation, which another Maderas Futuro product, precious hardwoods, provides. What drew me were several things: many years of successful operation, a growing demand, and an excellent environment (soil, and the right amount of water and sunlight). But, more important than finding what investment products to invest in, I had to get the measure of the Maderas Futuro team. My many questions were answered by Alex Wilson, and the more I learned about the company, about what it was doing, about what and how it was doing it, I felt more and more interested in working with them.

I appreciate having been given the information I needed and the time to digest it, without once being subjected to a pushy sales pitch.

I now feel a tremendous sense of peace, I do not have to fret because of the daily gyrations of the stock and bond markets. I presently still live in the US, but I am planning to live abroad, and I very much needed some assets outside the US, so Maderas Futuro also met my need for asset diversification.

I had been searching for what Maderas Futuro provides for more than ten years. I am so grateful I’ve found them, and look forward to working with them in the coming years.



Dear Ken and Alex,

It is now Tuesday evening. Marcelyn and I have just gotten back to the Camino Real Hotel. We return home this coming weekend. We wish to provide feedback from our just completed Discovery Tour.

Foremost is that we both consider our trip to be a total success. There is nothing that we can suggest for improvement. Your entire staff is simply outstanding. Ken saw to every need, and did so with charm, and absent high pressure selling mode. Lily was delightful, obviously very intelligent, graceful, and to our way of thinking a major asset. Etc., etc., etc.

From a business perspective, all of our questions were answered. We can only deduce that we have made the right decision to commit to the coconut tree program.

Yesterday and today (Monday and Tuesday) were sightseeing days for us using the Nicaragua Adventures tour service that is headquartered in Granada. I mention this because our tour guide, Eddie Mendoza, turns out to be a graduate agricultural engineer who was not able to find an agricultural position upon graduation. His need to support his family led to a tour guide position, but he expressed strong interest in getting into agriculture since that is his passion and his education, but little real world experience. Bottom line here is that we gave Eddie your contact information. We presume that you may be contacted about employment, and wish that you not be surprised should you hear from Eddie. We can only attest to his overall skills as a tour guide, and his outstanding English language skills, but nothing as to his engineering acumen. He is proactive, communicates well, and is an outstanding young man. He exhibited good follow through and good judgment.

Thank you for everything that you have done for us. We view this tour to be the beginning of a long term relationship, a kind of extended family.

All the best to everyone at Precious Timber/Maderas Futuro, and may you succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

Bud and Marcelyn


I was ecstatic to find a company that could not only give me excellent returns with minimized risk, but could allow me to feel good about making environmentally and socially responsible investments. This combination is what I’ve always wanted, and the primary reason I took all my funds out of the stock market and converted it to a self-directed IRA. It took me a long time to find a company with the same values that I have, and I’m so grateful that I found Preicous Timber.



I believe all members of management are good people. They don’t get you involved unless they too are personally involved. I have been with them I think going on 8 years and everything has been good because they make you feel like personal friends, which my wife and I have become. Alex and his family have actually came to visit us in Hawaii on vacation and stayed with us… Much aloha to those guys… Our future is safe.



You know, what I have loved about every experience I have had with Maderas is that they are completely available to respond to my questions, no matter how repetitive and needy I may be. The level of trust I now have because of that availability to my needs is through the roof; it feels so great to have personal trust in those I am investing my future in.



As a small investor with minimal capital I was hesitant to invest any of my hard earned money in something I knew nothing about, Trees in Nicaragua. After researching Precious Timber and the character of the management I tip toed in. So far I have made 3 separate purchases and feel confident that I have made a solid investment. I will be looking forward to making future purchases to help cushion my retirement.



It has been a pleasure working with the folks at Precious Timber. First off, it’s an opportunity I had only been able to read about until now. Everything is spelled out and up front and everything is done to make the process as smooth as possible. The support has been great, before, during, and after the purchases.

Ray and Julia


When considering investments in foreign lands it is crucial to deal with honorable trustworthy individuals. I met Alex and Ken in 2003. Never once did I have a reason to doubt their integrity and honesty. I have increased my investments with them significantly over the years and plan to do more. They have earned my confidence.



I have always been interested in acquiring timber as part of my portfolio; the problem was the high cost of entry. With Precious Timber it is now possible.



Even today, the electronic age, business is personal; it is face to face. We were fortunate to meet Ken Ross and Alex Wilson at a trade show in Las Vegas in 2012 and discussed with them many issues about Latin America and investing. Given that my formative years were spent in Latin America, I know that few “foreigners” know how to become part of the local social fabric, which is a key requirement for successful long term investing there. Ken and Alex are remarkable in that they have this understanding. Specific to our experience, both of them have the requisite energy and integrity that convinced us to invest in Precious Timber.

Arne and Jonnie


Stewardship is an ethic that embodies the responsible planning and management of resources. Precious Timber has proven to be exceptional Stewards of time, money and relationships. For the last 7 years I have been gifted with the opportunities to associate myself with Ken, Alex, and Hugo as a client and a friend. I have been involved with them during land sales and also in the development of the Precious Timber tree plantation. 

As an investor in both asset classes I can confidently say they are exceptional examples of ethical stewardship in all matters in regards to their philosophies of managing the development of their business plans and relationships. They create 1st class opportunities and manage the development of them with the utmost integrity, always under promising and over performing. They embody the holistic approach: what is good for the community is good for the investor, and ultimately good for the Company.



There is one word that really tells the story of investing with Alex and Ken, through their companies Paradise Development Holdings and Precious Timber and—– that word is TRUST. As a well diversified investor myself this is the starting point where I evaluate whether or not I will work with a person or persons. Alex and Ken meet this standard exceptionally. 

They are extremely forward thinking and present opportunities that are very sound and have excellent investment potential and returns. I tend to look at the unusual [not always the norm—such as stocks and bonds] in some of my investments, and Alex and Ken’s approach do this for me. However, they are not speculation, but very well designed programs that offer excellent returns. Finally, one last point. 

Alex and Ken are friendly, approachable, involved and treat you, as an investor, as a person, not just another number in a long line of bookings. I much prefer to work in this manner. This, then, leads back to my original word—TRUST.