Coconut Tree Farm activities report February 1st to 28th 2015

Activities performed February 1st to 28th  2015

  • Trenching: 1,200 linear meters of trenches were dug and the drip irrigation system inserted.
  • Irrigation: Irrigation was run to 8,000 coconuts plants. About 130 acres were irrigated with this new drip system while the remaining land was watered by hand using buckets labor.3
  • Pipe installation and irrigation: About 2,400 linear meters of pipes and irrigation buttons were installed. These pipes reached about 40% of the sown plants.
  • Nursery maintenance & irrigation: 24,000 plants in the nursery received maintenance and irrigation work getting them ready for the 2015 planting season.
  • Shade tree trimming: Trimming was performed, so the plants will receive the sun they need, allowing them to develop well.4
  • BIO-GREEN fertilization: About 40 sacks of BIO-GREEN (100% organic fertilizer), plus substrate, were used on the nursery plants to stimulate their germination and growth.
  • Pest control: Every sown plant had CLOROPIRIFOS applied to provide pest control. 


Activities performed Man/Days work Linear meters Amount of plants Area worked
Irrigation to 8000 coconuts plants 120 8,000 Throughout
Trenching work 240 1,200 Throughout
Pipes and irrigation buttons installation 96 2,400 Throughout
Maintenance and irrigation to the nursery plants 72 24,000 Nursery
Shade trimming 48 Throughout
BIOGREEN fertilization 48 2,400 Nursery
Pest Control 48 8,000 Throughout
Total 672 2,600 32,000