Coconut Tree Farm activities report January 1st to 31st 2015

 Activities performed January 1st to 31st 2015

  • Coconut irrigation: Irrigation was provided to 8,000 coconut plants covering an area of 130 acres. In areas where the irrigation had not yet been installed, water was delivered to the plants by hand using buckets.
  • Fire prevention rounds: The farms perimeter (covering about 5,500 linear meters) was patrolled and there was no threat of fire reported. There is always extra care taken during the dry season, from Feb-May.2
  • Fence repairs: 3,000 linear meters of fencing was repaired to secure the property preventing any animals coming into the farm and causing damage to the plants.
  • Nursery maintenance: Maintenance was performed on 24,000 coconut plants in the nursery preparing them for the 2015 planting season. This work consisted of cleaning, irrigation, pest control (using CONTER AND CLORIPIRIFOS), application of FOLIAR PLUS (to help the leaves develop well) and applying PROMET COBRE (to reduce fungus and pests). Also BIO GREEN (which is 100% organic fertilizer) was used to stimulate the growing of the plants.
  • Trenching: 2,000 linear meters of ditches were dug and pipes were installed in them for the drip irrigation system. This makes the process of irrigation faster and easier and also reduces the cost of the maintenance and operation of the farm.1
  • Shade tree trimming: Trimming was performed, so the plants will receive the sun they need, allowing them to develop well.
  • Substrate preparation: Pre-germinate substrate was applied to all the nursery. 30% is sawdust, 50% black dirt, 10% BIO-GREEN (100% organic fertilizer) and 10% rice hulls; this combination will help the roots of the plants to adapt easily once in the ground.


Activities performed Men/Days work Linear meters Amount of plants Area worked
Irrigation to 8,000 coconuts plants 288 8,000 Throughout
Fire prevention rounds 40 5,500 Perimeter of the farm
Fence repair 96 3,000 Perimeter of the farm
Maintenance and irrigation of the nursery plants 72 24,000 Nursery
Trenching work 96 1,200 Throughout
Shade trimming 24 Throughout
Pre-germinating substrate for nursery 36 Nursery
Total 652 9,700 32,000