End of Year Update – 2017

End of Year Update – 2017

Hello Precious Timber Family,

2017 has been a milestone year for Precious Timber, and there are still several weeks remaining before the year is over. We have welcomed more than 100 savvy investors from around the world on our agricultural discovery tours. We have added tens of new personnel to our farm management team, added a trained economist as our new Chief Financial Officer, and now have a Private Wealth Advisor on our advisory team.

We acquired a large productive specialty coffee farm, a cloud forest eco-resort, and more than 2,000 acres of mature tropical hardwoods. We made excellent progress too, in our goal to plant 1 million organically grown coconut trees, and we made a meaningful difference in the lives of hundreds of people within our local community. As the year draws to a close, we’ll be harvesting coffee and coconuts and finalizing our plans for an even bigger and better 2018.

Recent Developments
Precious Timber’s CFO, Alain Romero, and Director of Employee Operations, Hugo Rodriguez, recently returned from two global sustainable agricultural events. The first event was held in Costa Rica, and the second event throughout Guatemala.
These important international agricultural investment round table events focused on sustainable agricultural management. Several large European organizations, such as The Rainforest Alliance and the Bohn Challenge attended the conferences with a goal on planting more than $1 Billion into Latin American agriculture.

Possible Changes in 2018

We are very honored that Precious Timber has been invited as a primary agricultural management partner to these groups. We are looking forward to creating many new partnerships, new jobs, new sustainable forests, and the opportunity to make a difference.

We are proud to serve our private owner clients and help them plan for a more predictable source of retirement income over the next 20-50 years. Timberland has long been the asset of choice for families focusing on legacy planning. Growing and protecting family wealth that will last generations is the primary goal of legacy investors, and the alternative asset of agriculture is playing a greater part today than ever before.
See this Ivestopedia article.

With the attention we have received from global organizations and their focus on Latin American agriculture, we may have to place a temporary hold on accepting additional private owner clients in 2018. If you have been wanting to add timber and coconuts to your portfolio, contact us today.

Our triple-blended U.S Domiciled Ag-Fund will remain available to accredited investors. If you have been meaning to visit us and enjoy seeing our farms, please connect with us NOW at info@precioustimber.com. Our tours for January are filling up fast and are limited to just 12 people.

Complimentary Private Wealth Advisory Service

Each year we talk to thousands of investors that are looking for alternative strategies to enhance portfolio safety and overall returns. Timberland, coffee, coconuts and other non-perishable agriculture are often overlooked by investors.

The reason for this is that historically they have been difficult to access and understand. Most investors prefer fully liquid assets, and agriculture has been viewed as moderately illiquid. But with more and more interest over the past decade, a wide variety of opportunities is now changing that.

We are proud to welcome Scott Thomas, a Private Wealth Advisor to our advisory board. Scott is offering free consultations to accredited investors with a goal of helping them better understand the space.

Contact Scott at sthomas@ascensionwealth.net or call him at 615-439-6200