Felix Maradiaga Returns to Nicaragua: “I Came to Stay”

By Maynor Salazar (Confidencial)

HAVANA TIMES – The first thing Felix Maradiaga did when he stepped on Nicaraguan soil was to sing the national anthem. In front of acquaintances, friends and media he stood firm, raised his hand to his chest and sang the sacred notes with lots of emotion.

The opposition politician and director of the Institute for Strategic Studies and Public Policies (IEEPP) returned to Nicaragua on Monday afternoon, September 16, after a year of forced exile, due to the political persecution of the Ortega-Murillo government, which accused him of financing terrorism and drug trafficking.

“I feel excited. It has felt like when a child is torn from his mother. I had to live a second exile in my life, as has happened with many Nicaraguans,” Maradiaga told the media.

He said that his stay outside the country was “hard.” He also said he had mixed feeling because he had wanted to return to a Nicaragua with freedoms and where journalists could practice their profession without risking their lives, and where university students could enter their campuses without fear.

“Many Nicaraguans knew the first Sandinista dictatorship and I remember in my teens those bitter times of war in the 80s. This second exile of just over a year was extremely hard. I come to join the work that many people are doing. I come to contribute to the work of healing wounds, but also to build democratic alternatives for Nicaragua,” said the political scientist.


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