Food Company is Planning to Invest in Guatemala

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Integral Fruits & Co., a company of Ecuadorian origin, plans to invest in the country close to $6 million in the construction of two aquaculture farms and the production of different types of fruit.

One of the projects that the company will execute will begin in mid-2020 and consists of the construction of a farm with 64 swimming pools dedicated to the cultivation of tilapia, white shrimp, snapper and cod. This investment will be made in the department of Retalhuleu and the production, which is estimated at about 60 tons per month, will be exported to Asia and Russia.

José Bautista, Financial Manager of Integral Fruits & Co., explained to that “… The first phase of the project consists of building an aquaculture farm where tilapia and white shrimp will be cultivated in Champerico, Retalhuleu, at the same time, the cultivation of dragon pitaya, mango, among other fruits that will be transformed into citrus fruit in a processing plant.

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Regarding the other aquaculture farm to be built, Jose Luis Maya, general manager of the company, explained that “… The investment also includes Petén with the installation of fish production (fish breeding), where one of the first platforms of ponds placed on the ground will be built, without affecting or modifying the environment.”

The fish farm will be in the municipality of San Luis, Petén, where the company plans to build 300 ponds that include its own fish processor.