Forget the Caribbean. Nicaragua Is Your Next Beach Getaway.

Sarah Rogers The Daily Beast  

Barely escaping the first hint of winter in New York City, when my plane landed in Managua, I exhaled a breath I’d been holding for months. The temperature hovered at 90 degrees, and I felt thankful to be somewhere with sunshine and saltwater.

I was en route to Rancho Santana—a luxury resort community on Nicaragua’s Emerald coast. The team at Rancho Santana invited travel journalists to experience the soft opening of their new The Spa in El Bosque, and to get acquainted with the resort’s seemingly endless activities. Situated on an isthmus, Rancho Santana is flanked by water and seems to have a constant soft beach breeze.

Rancho Santa’s property is massive—2700 acres boasting five private beaches. The property offers a mix of private residences, Spanish-colonial condos, and boutique rooms at their Inn. With such a spectacular setting and the exciting new spa, it’s the latest selection for our series on hotels, The New Room with a View.

The oceanfront hotel doesn’t have telephones or televisions in the guest rooms, suggesting maybe you should get off your phone and dip your toes in the Pacific instead.

The allure of the escape is the mix of luxury accommodations and natural surroundings: “rugged by nature, elegant by design” the website practically whispers.

Despite its size, most of the developments hug the shoreline and much of the land on the property remains untouched.

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