Hydroelectric Plants Generate Less Energy

  • Monday, August 5, 2019
Because of the lack of rain, during the first half of the year Guatemala reported a 27% drop in power generation with water compared to the same period in 2018, a situation that could put even more pressure on market prices.
According to directors of the Association of Renewable Energy Generators (Ager), just in June 2019, the fall in generation by hydroelectric was 40% over the same month in 2018.

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Rudolf Jacobs, President of (Ager), told Prensalibre.com that “… it refers to June because it is the first full month of the winter season that, according to historical behavior in the country is where hydroelectric generation should be greater, however the decline was marked because of the deficit of rainfall compared to a normal winter year.”

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Jacobs added that “… if the winter is established in August, hydroelectric generation will improve, and they would also improve the water reserve in those that have larger reservoirs (like the state-run Chixoy and the private Renace).”

If hydroelectric generation continues to fall, a new upward adjustment in electricity tariffs is expected in the coming months.