Images from our June Discovery tour

Our most recent Tour was a blast and a great time was had by all!

A group of interested guests joined us in June for a weekend of information, discovery, good company, adventure and awesome local cuisine.

We discussed ideas and opportunities in the beauty of our tropical holdings.20160612_095314 IMGP4814
We toured through some of our managed precious timber plantations, learning as we walked about what makes for a successful and profitable operation.


IMGP4834We had the pleasure of meeting some of the locals whose families benefit from the employment created and the regular income they can rely on month after month. IMGP4855




We enjoyed watching a demonstration at our coconut nursery of how the growing trees are transplanted into their final home. And, of course, this visit wouldn’t have been complete without enjoying the fresh coconut water the public is creating such a demand for!


Now this is a tree!!

IMGP4874One of the most memorable aspects of our trips always seems to be making new friendsIMGP5004 and sharing good meals (tropical style).


We hope to be hosting your visit to our plantations soon.

Call (818) 890 9826 or email for details of the upcoming Tours and for reservations.