Is Nicaragua becoming mainstream?

Survivor 1You’ve possibly heard that the TV reality show Survivor has been filming in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua……………all 4 of the logos you see here are from the shows filmed right where our plantations are. Here is the intro video.

Did you know that since 2010 there have been 4 seasons filmed there? Yup, the production company enjoys visiting and working in that part of the world so much that they  keep coming back for more.
The ratings of these shows would support there decisions.Survivor 5

They know what we’ve been saying for more than a decade….the reality of Nicaragua is a long way from many people’s perceptions.Survivor 3

Why not take a leaf from their book of personal experience & reality and come down and visit? It’s easy, ¬†join us on one of our upcoming Discovery Tours and then stay for a few extra days to spend some time getting to know this beautiful country with its great weather, awesome scenery and warm people.Survivor 6

We promise you won’t have to eat bugs and sleep on the floor like the Survivor contestants did!