Is Nicaragua Safe? – UPDATED FOR 2019

August 13, 2019

Wedged between Costa Rica and Honduras, Nicaragua is a good all-round destination. Think beautiful cathedrals, elegant architecture, a ton of history, and loads of nature to get to grips with.

However, Nicaragua was hit with renewed political trouble in 2018, and it was hit hard. There have been widespread protests against a corrupt government and these are sometimes met with force. Given all the recent reports, it’s no wonder so many ask if Nicaragua is safe.

The question of safety in Nicaragua is an interesting case – while it may appear unsafe in a lot of ways, tourists can still visit Nicaragua. Their trip may be somewhat hampered but that doesn’t mean their life will be in danger or that they won’t have the time of their life!

For those who still want to go, we’ve created this guide for staying safe in Nicaragua. We at The Broke Backpacker want to make sure you’re well-equipped with some sound travel tips and to help you avoid becoming a victim.

From concerns about the safety of solo female travellers in Nicaragua to wondering if it’s safe to take your family to Nicaragua, we’re covering all of this and more in this handy guide. We’ll even get into whether or not it’s safe to LIVE in Nicaragua, if, for some reason, you were planning on moving.


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