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From Our Family to Yours

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At Precious Timber we believe in family. Whether it’s our family of employees who dedicate their time and focus on the caring and managing of our trees, or the family of private timberland owners we serve, or our own personal families who we love and care for, each are the reason we strive to do better each day. Today’s modern world means there are a thousand things families have to struggle with, but being able to afford a college education for your children shouldn’t be one of them. 

Yes, it’s true. The cost of higher education keeps going up, and too many college students graduate only to find they are in debt up to their eyeballs and will be paying off their student loans for decades. What parent wouldn’t want to save their children from this? But how do you do it?

Traditional college savings plans haven’t worked out well for millions of people. They may look good when the economy or stock markets are doing well, but we all know what happens when that changes. Timber is one of the safest places to invest money and watch it grow. By planting trees you can design a plan that could easily pay for the highest of Ivy League college educations. 

Speak with us and let’s help you structure the right approach. What worked in the past doesn’t necessarily mean it will work in the future. Starting to save for your retirement earlier than later is a good idea, but where you save and invest your money is even more important. Most investors have been led to believe the stock market offers the best ROI over long periods of time. This isn’t 100% true, and there is clear evidence the past twenty years that the highest performing portfolios in fact held very little money in large cap equities.

If you are concerned about successfully building a retirement nest egg that will not only last, but provide you with sufficient inflation adjusted income, then its time you looked more closely at timber and what it can do for you. Contact us and we’ll work with you in designing a plan that could answer much of your retirement income needs.