Let’s hear what 2 of our existing clients have to say about their experiences with Precious Timber

As I was approaching retirement, and following the 2008/2009 economic decline, I came to the realization that I needed to reduce my exposure to the U.S. stock market.  It was at that time I began researching alternative investments such as land, timber and collectibles.  However, some of those markets were too costly for the individual investor and others seemed to be run by unscrupulous operators.

Luckily my search led me to Precious Timber.  After receiving information, I had conversations with Alex Wilson during which he proffered the story of Precious Timber and Nicaragua.  The returns on those investments seemed reasonable, and much more attractive than what the past several years in the market had produced.   From my business background I learned the adage, “trust but verify”, and the Discovery Tour provided the opportunity to do just that.

I found the Tour to be highly organized and presented by friendly, hard-working staff who made me feel safe and extremely welcomed.  Ken and his family provided tidbits of information that you just wouldn’t get from printed or video information.  At the nursery, I was convinced that experimentation with different products and soils would ensure future success of the crops.

My most memorable moment on the Tour happened during our viewing of the coconut plantation.  At that point in the Tour I was seriously considering joining the Precious Timber family and I saw this investment as creating generational wealth for my daughter and granddaughter.  Through an interpreter, I asked a question about longevity of the coconut trees.  The obviously experienced staff member was my age and I doubted that neither he nor I would be around to mentor and care for my coconuts 65 years in the future.  Who would carry on his secrets, his efforts, and his work ethic?  He pointed with pride to his sons and other relatives.  I could see that his family had respect for him and I knew that he would pass on his knowledge.  I was hooked!  I had found the investment that would provide near-term income and long-term wealth.

What strikes me about Precious Timber is the integrity of Alex, Ken, Kevin and the rest of their hard-working staff.  I trust that they are working on my behalf and have my best interests in mind.  The entire company is family-oriented and it shows in their hiring practices and in their community projects.  I feel I have developed a friendship with them that goes beyond the business aspect.

Today, I have timber, coconuts and coffee as my alternative investments and I couldn’t be happier with the decision, and I’m looking forward to my next trip to Nicaragua.   I hope that others find the rationale to participate in the Discovery Tour and in the Precious Timber offerings.

Dave Z


As a recent retiree, I began looking for agricultural investments as a low risk / high return alternative to traditional fixed-income holdings in today’s high stock price – low interest rate environment.   After discussing trees with Alex and Ken at the 2013 San Francisco Money show, I embarked on considerable investigation before becoming an investor with Precious Timber in early 2014.

As an ex-engineer, I would not have thought about being a future “farmer”, except for the embedded agricultural, marketing and management expertise I found with PT.   I have now made three visits (with wife in 2014, with son/heir in 2015, and recently just me in 2017), and we currently own trees, coconuts and coffee with PT in Nicaragua.  We view the coconuts and coffee projects as “agricultural annuities” which should provide part of our retirement income needs for many years to come, with the trees as a longer term “bonus“ investment for ourselves and future generations.

Our dealings with Precious Timber and their entire team  have been professional, pleasant, transparent and prompt — which made the investing  process quite painless.  We chose Precious Timber over several other options and look forward to dealing with them into our old age and our son’s future.  In my opinion, supported by 4 years’ history so far, I believe you just can’t find a better group to deal with.

Jay M