Lifetime of Income – A Client Success Story

Lifetime of Income – A Client Success Story

We love sharing in the success and experiences of our valued clients.

Standing in front of his young coconut trees, a Precious Timber private owner client is thanking two members of our agricultural team for a job well done. We met this client at a U.S. Investment Conference a few years ago. Nearing retirement, he was seeking alternative assets that would generate long-term inflation-protected income for he and his wife during retirement and that could be passed on to his son for another 40+ years.

Tall order indeed!

After eliminating traditional insurance annuities, high-risk drilling opportunities, and not wanting the troubles, toilets, and tenants associated with traditional rental property (which he had experienced), the search ended when he discovered the amazing attributes of income-producing agricultural real estate.

Not having any prior knowledge of the agri-space, he conducted his due-diligence only to discover what we at Precious Timber hear all the time… “If I’d have known it was this good I would have added this 40-years ago.” After visiting our farms and meeting everyone on our team, the decision was made to add both timber and coconuts to his portfolio.

Surprise – Surprise!

Expecting his first coconut harvest to be fours year after planting, on his recent trip to re-visit his property he discovered that his trees have started one-full year ahead of projected schedule. All he has to do now is sit back and enjoy the next several decades of passive income.

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