Low Rainfall Threatens Region

  • Tuesday, May 7, 2019
During the period from May to June this year, rainfall in the region is forecast to be below normal, leading to increased crop pests and a shortage of animal feed.
The International Regional Organization for Agricultural Health (OIRSA) reported that because of the lack of rain is predicted a greater presence of pests in crops of corn, beans and sorghum, due to projected low rainfall from May to July 2019, compared to the historical average.

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According to the perspectives there is a 75% probability of occurrence of the El Niño phenomenon and that this reaches a moderate intensity in the region, explained the OIRSA in a statement.

The agency estimates that in animal health, the main health problems are associated with stress caused by food shortages and multiplication of vectors such as flies, fleas and ticks. In addition, diseases such as Newcastle, Coccidiosis and Nematodes have high priority in birds.

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Laprensagrafica.com reviews that “… This situation will affect Belize, the northeastern part of the department of El Petén in Guatemala, most of the territory of El Salvador, and the western, central, and southern regions of Honduras. In addition, it will harm the Pacific region of Nicaragua and much of the territory of Costa Rica and the Azuero peninsula in Panama.


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