News From Our Blog

News From Our Blog

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Cracking Coconut’s History

For thousands of years, the coconut palm has entwined itself in history, from tropical coasts to typical shelves in global groceries. Called the “tree of life” by the many cultures that have depended upon it through time, it provides sustenance, succor and shelter. While it now grows on every subtropical coastline around the world, genetic testing underwritten by the National Geographic Society in 2011 showed the coconut originated in India and Southeast Asia. From its original home, the nut-which can float-made its way independently, traversing both hemispheres.

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Diversifying Too Soon 

Good diversification is a staple of financial planning advice, though the principle long pre-dates financial planners. From the aphorism “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”, to Talmudic texts from 3,000 years ago directing people to split their wealth evenly between cash, real estate, and business, the virtue of limiting exposure to risk from diversification is an “accepted truth”.

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Coconuts Come Early
Many of our clients seek inflation-protected, long-term income that they can enjoy during retirement and then pass that income on to family members at a later time. Unlike traditional insurance annuities where the income stops upon death, private ownership of coconuts can generate income for sixty years or more.
We’re excited to share that our coconut trees have begun nut production one-full year ahead of anticipated schedule. Great news for our clients!