Nicaragua in 2018 – Bank of Nicaragua Projections


The Central Bank of Nicaragua (BCN by its acronym in Spanish) has presented an estimate of the main macroeconomic picture of the country for 2018. The details are contained in a report called “Macroeconomic Projections 2017-2018” (presented on December 29th 2017). The summary uses the information available at the date of preparation and relies on estimates of economic growth, inflation, balance of payments, and monetary and financial indicators of Nicaragua. Those estimates also consider data from international financial organizations in relation to how international influences will affect the national macroeconomic performance. The report is intended to be used as a tool in the decision-making process of economic agents and as a source of knowledge for those looking to find out about the Nicaraguan economy.

Growth: In general terms, in 2018, Nicaragua should maintain a growth rate of between 4.5 and 5.0 %. This will be mainly driven by the contributions of manufacturing, commerce, agriculture, livestock and construction activities.

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