Nicaragua: Ortega Threatens Opponents with International Punishment

By Ivette Munguia

HAVANA TIMES – Dictator Daniel Ortega threatened to denounce his opponents before international justice and assured that they are already working on it. “If there will be anyone taken to any International Criminal Court it is the criminals who promoted these crimes,” Ortega said. Then he emphasized: “We are already working, we are documenting, do not believe that they are at all happy and calm enough to continue trying to harm the people more,” he warned.

Ortega delivered his threat during the commemoration of the 140th anniversary of the birth of national hero Benjamin Zeledon. However, the State of Nicaragua has not ratified the Rome Statute, a constituent instrument of the International Criminal Court, so that the Nicaraguan dictator’s denunciation would have no place in that tribunal.

The president emphasized that they will strengthen the legal framework to “fight this battle” and hopes that “this will allow those Nicaraguans who are with these treasonous attitudes against their people, of betrayal to their homeland, to come to their senses.”

According to Ortega, opposition leaders who have traveled to the United States receive financing “that comes from the taxes of the American people,” all with the objective of participating in campaigns “to give the image of a country in which there is neither peace nor stability.”

During his rhetorical speech on the “Yankee occupation,” the dictator claimed: “We see the parade of traitors, how flights and financing are increasing so that they continue traveling to ask for aggression against the Nicaraguan people, and they are doing it calmly and they take photographs there with the representatives of the US Government and they insist on showing them here to boast that they are the ones chosen by the Yankee,” he said.

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