Nicaragua targets Canadian market with promise of adventure and diversity

Tuesday, June 4, 2019
Posted by Travelweek Group

TORONTO — Positioning it as a destination with colonial cities, boutique properties and 566 natural reserves to explore, Nicaragua is encouraging everyone from adventurers to cruisers to see the Caribbean’s newest hotspot for themselves.
While at an industry breakfast yesterday at Toronto’s Bisha Hotel, the Nicaraguan Tourism Board highlighted what’s new in the destination and the many reasons to visit.

In terms of visitation, Canada ranks 6th among all international markets, with almost 50,000 travellers in 2017. According to Moreno, the Nicaraguan market is heavily influenced by tourism, with $840 million dollars of the country’s income coming from tourism in 2017.

Highlights of the presentation included:


Granada is one of the oldest colonial cities in Central America, with a rich colonial structure that’s evident in its architecture. Visitors can soak up the local atmosphere with excursions to open markets, churches, tile shops, hammock shops and also through horse and carriage ride.

León, also a must-see, can be characterized by its cobblestone streets, more than 18 churches, and a variety of cafes and shops. It is also home to the Cathedral of León, the largest cathedral in Central America. The museums within this town showcase the many political, natural and cultural aspects of Nicaraguan history.

Nicaragua is an area with 566 natural reserves and contains 78 protected areas that showcase the natural beauty and significance of the country. The unspoiled nature allows travelers to unplug and be at one with nature, said Moreno.

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