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Precious Timber’s core principal of People, Planet, and Profit plays a vital role when looking at our success blueprint. With each tree we plant, our private owner clients help create long-term jobs and new sustainable communities, new forests that absorb carbon dioxide and assist in climate change, and expand tropical wildlife corridors in some of the most important regions of the world.



The long-term outlook for global tropical timber consumption is astonishing, and timberland owners are thereby protected by the predicted world population growth. Global forests are under increased pressure and the solution, all be it a minor one when taken into complete perspective, is the planting of new, sustainable reforestation projects in locations that can grow the commodity in reduced time periods.


In everything we do, our goal is to maximize client profits while minimizing risk, and maximizing social and environmental initiatives too. We believe a healthy portfolio is a balanced and diversified portfolio – whether you’re growing hardwoods, managing institutional funds, or designing and overseeing a family wealth plan. Avoiding volatility and risk are never easy, but positioning money where it can grow safely, over medium to long periods of time, has been a top priority for accredited investors. History has shown tropical timberland offers a level of safety combined with above average returns and make it one of the best foundational assets for any portfolio.