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Meet The Team

Meet the dedicated and professional team who navigate and chart Precious Timber.

Executive Leadership

A wealth of experience.

Alex Wilson


Alex Wilson is Chief Executive Officer of Precious Timber, S.A. Alex is responsible for leading the development and execution of the Company’s long-term strategy with a view to adding value to our private owner clients. His strategic vision for the Company focuses on three fundamental pillars: people, planet, and profit. He is also responsible for farmland acquisitions, direct client accounts, strategic marketing, and locating short-term and long term timber and coconut contracts.

Ken Ross


Ken Ross is Chief Operating Officer. His responsibilities are the strategic oversight and planning of the company’s reforestation projects, sustainable forest management, field operations ranging from logging, site preparation, wood species, harvesting, road maintenance, and plantation personnel. Ken is a volunteer warden for the U.S. Embassy in San Juan del Sur and has built strong relationships with many of the country’s most prominent businessmen and officials. Having lived full-time in Nicaragua for over a decade, Ken understands local business and how to get things done ethically and efficiently.

Hugo Rodriguez


Hugo Rodriguez is Director of employee affairs and field relations officer. His responsibilities include the training and managing of the plantation crews, the oversight of land preparation, equipment and supplies, as well as the firms local liaison throughout the region. Hugo had been a trusted employee of Ken and Alex’s for more than a dozen years before the two partners welcomed him as co-owner of Precious Timber. His kind demeanor, never say no attitude, and dedication to solving problems are just some of the qualities Hugo encompasses. He is a great role-model to our plantation crew members.

Our Valuable Team Members

Making it all happen.

Aroldo Martinez


Aroldo was born and raised in San Juan del Sur and brings with him a long list of contacts throughout Nicaragua. As our primary office manager, his enthusiasm and passion for the entire staff is evident each day with his positive “can do” attitude. His knowledge of the local farming region provides us with valuable local knowledge to make our business more efficient. Aroldo’s organizational ability has been very instrumental in assuring clients and guests enjoy a seamless experience when visiting our plantations.

Kevin Bird


With a 15 year history of customer support and sales force management at the largest California Closet home improvement franchise, Kevin is well suited for his role. Acting as the direct resource for our clients he responds accurately and promptly to all client questions about their relationship with the company. He guides clients smoothly through the contract process, coordinates both guests and direct-owner plantation visits, and provides clients with an efficient way of finding answers to their questions.

Jamie Varnhagen


Jamie oversees Precious Timber’s business development initiatives. She is responsible for the marketing, communication, and for the firm’s strategic expansion within the industry. With years of experience working with alternative wealth strategies, she excels at evaluating the business from a large scale perspective, and then determining best practices for marketing, support, and sales. She has been instrumental in generating new business contacts for the firm, and for developing our online presence. Prior to joining us, Jamie received an MBA in International Business, and worked for seven years as an investment banker.

Jose Ruiz


Jose Ruiz is in charge of all new plantation and strategic planning. Jose has more than thirty years of agriculture industry experience managing large-scale projects throughout the region. He is the President of AFORESUR (Association of Foresters San Juan del Sur). Jose and his two sons, Raul and Henry have planted millions of hardwood trees across the country over the past 20+ years. The partnership with Precious Timber encompasses a large scale, fully integrated plan, from the nursery growing of saplings through to the production of several lumber related products via our local saw mill.

Raul Ruiz


Raul is responsible for the direction of reforestation on new plantations. He oversees lead personnel at each new plantation and manages the day to day implementation of planting during the five months of planting season. Together with his brother Henry, Raul also manages the Precious Timber/Boca de la Montana saw mill. He designs furniture, plans and manages construction projects, and oversees the harvesting and processing of mature trees.

Leslie Coe Morgan


Leslie Coe Morgan has managed the small coconut farm owned by his family since 1998. He is the only coconut farmer certified to produce MAYPAN Coconut Hybrids seeds in all of Central America. Leslie joined the Precious Timber team in January 2013 after assisting the company in their research and development of a large scale coconut operation. Leslie’s professional background in industrial engineering will be invaluable as he helps the company build a fully integrated coconut processing plant in the years to come.

Henry Ruiz


Henry is responsible for the plantation’s Forestry Traceability System, which manages the plan layout of new forests. Henry has been a key figure in the reforestation of large properties with the focus on Teak, Mahogany, Oak, and Pochote. Henry is a perfectionist. He likes continuity and order within forests and plans each location with special attention to the natural terrain of the property. Accessibility logistics and efficient harvesting play a big part in the way he maps outs every new plantation. Henry believes that a forest should not only be as productive as possible for lumber, but also a place that promotes harmony for wildlife and visitors.

Sergio Corrales


Sr. Corrales graduated from Central America University in 2001. He was named Leading Lawyer for Real Estate practice in Nicaragua – Chambers Global, 2008, 2011, 2013, 2014. From 2002 to 2013 he served as Partner at Garcia & Bodan. Currently, Sergio is the Managing partner at E. Castillo Advisors in Managua. Board member (Secretary) of the Association of Nicaraguan Investors and Developers (ANID).

Kaeli Wilson


Kaeli is currently studying at California State University at Fullerton majoring in business. Kaeli has previously studied at JSerra High School in their Business Magnet program and has a love of the arts. Her role at Precious Timber as Assistant to the CEO, includes the organization of guest and client visits to our farms, administrative office duties, management of business calendars, and the recording and maintenance of meeting minutes.

Victor Manuel Valdivia Vilchez

Mr. Vílchez joined the Precious Timber family in 2015 and his focus is on the big picture of plantation management operations. Every day, Victor travels to and from our farms and forests making sure that all in-field work is undertaken correctly, and he produces detailed reports to keep management informed of everything aspect of operation. He was born in the municipality of La Trinidad, Nicaragua and educated as an engineer trained in Agriculture and Forest Protection Systems. Victor graduated from the Nicaraguan National Agrarian University in 2013 at the age 21.

Maria Magdalena Avendano Aguilar


Sr. Corrales graduated from Central America University in 2001. He was named Leading Lawyer for Real Estate practice in Nicaragua – Chambers Global, 2008, 2011, 2013, 2014. From 2002 to 2013 he served as Partner at Garcia & Bodan. Currently, Sergio is the Managing partner at E. Castillo Advisors in Managua. Board member (Secretary) of the Association of Nicaraguan Investors and Developers (ANID).

Paul B Luke, JD, MBA

Paul brings over 35 years of experience in Public and Private accounting to Precious Timber, including corporate finance and transactional experience in real estate and other industries. Paul earned a Bachelor of Science degree with an accounting and economics emphasis from Nebraska Wesleyan University, an MBA from Pepperdine University, and a JD from the University of Pittsburgh law school. During the past 5 years Mr. Luke was Tax Principal at Vasquez and Company, LLP where he was responsible to lead and manage the Tax Department. He recently established his own Tax and Consulting Firm based out of Long Beach, CA.

Advisory Board

Strategic Oversight.

Craig Colley


Craig heads up Strategic Corporate Planning for Precious Timber-Maderas Futuro. Craig’s fortitude is his ability to develop creative alternatives opportunities, advise on the management, operations and marketing, foster long-term client relationships and organization and execute new and on-going projects to drive company growth. Craig is a licensed Insurance agent, founder / CEO of Coliday and former Marketing Director of a large USA based Financial and Insurance Company.

Alex Monteith


Alex began his investment education at age nine in equities and later expanded to residential rental real estate and alternative investments. Mr. Monteith is well traveled, having visited over 50 countries, and lived in five countries in: Europe, Middle East and Asia. Alex recently retired after nearly three decades, of service in the United States Army as an infantry officer and later a Logistics Corps Officer. Alex found Precious Timber as he was searching for alternative investments for his own investment portfolio. His interest in the agricultural space matured and was invited to serve on the advisory board.

John May


John heads up Strategic Corporate Planning for Precious Timber. John’s fortitude is his ability to develop creative alternative opportunities, advise on management, operations and marketing, foster long-term client relationships, and organize and execute new and on-going projects to drive company growth. John is the Director of Business Development at Owens & Minor, a leading international health-services company. He has served in various philanthropic organizations such as Acres of Love, purposed in changing orphan care programs within South Africa. John studied at Loyola Marymount University and has earned a degree in Business Management at the University of Redlands. One of John’s core motivation’s is giving back to those less fortunate, building up individuals so as to fulfill their value in society.

Greg Wayer


Greg Wayer is a 1984 graduate from Purdue University, Krannert School of Management. He has held executive positions in the mortgage banking industry for over 20 years, with three of the largest banks in the US: Wells Fargo, Bank of America / Countrywide Bank, and JP Morgan Chase. Greg is an active consultant and investor in a variety of startups, including investments in the wind and solar energy industries. He has taken an active role in real estate property development, from single family residences to multi-family housing projects. He serves as Director of Acquisitions and Investments for the Southern California Youth Alliance. SCYA is a non-profit organization providing opportunity for disadvantaged and at-risk youth funded by capital raised through multi-family housing projects.

Scott Thomas


Scott Thomas is the founding member of Ascension Wealth Advisors, LLC (AWA) and serves as company President. He has more than 25 years of experience as an Investment and Financial Advisor. Scott is available to independently advise clients and prospective clients in overseeing, coordinating and managing all aspects of the client relationship with Precious Timber. Scott is focused on serving as a fee-only intermediary for and on-behalf of investors looking for guidance under a fiduciary client-service model. Scott has toured the Precious Timber operations and met with all key personnel, as well as local in-country legal representatives and has conducted his own due-diligence on the merit of timberland and specialty agricultural assets.