Planning for your financial future? Read this powerful letter.

Dear Alex & Ken,

I am a big believer in having to remain financially independent. Not because it is a nice pleasant dream, but because it is a necessity. For health reasons, I had to retire from ‘active duty’ (I was a telecommunications engineer with NASA) about 15 years before ‘normal’ retirement age. Fortunately I had read Robert Kiyosaki’s words about becoming financially educated and learning about assets and cash-flow, so I had started (in a small way; remember, I was only an engineer!) to acquire some income-generating assets. This allowed me to retire without having to rely on any pension or social security (I was too young to qualify, anyway).

I do think many governments and business are drowning in debt, so I do not put much faith in financial (paper) assets. When you’re retired, you do not have another 30 years to recover from a business going bankrupt, a government nationalizing (taking away) your assets or devaluing them overnight. So a retiree needs to be a bit more cautious with where he will invest his capital, and he needs part of his investments to provide an income, not based on many speculations and ‘what if’s’.

So I was looking to invest in something ‘real’ (such as agricultural products), something that could provide annual income, based on real demand.

For that Precious Timber offers various products: a fast-growing, regenerating tree (meaning that it grows back from its stump after you’ve harvested it), the Paulownia tree; and even better, coconut trees. Both products have been well-researched and there are many customers and uses for them.

I also wanted to achieve long-term capital appreciation, which another Maderas Futuro product, precious hardwoods, provides. What drew me were several things: many years of successful operation, a growing demand, and an excellent environment (soil, and the right amount of water and sunlight). But, more important than finding what investment products to invest in, I had to get the measure of the Maderas Futuro team. My many questions were answered by Alex Wilson, and the more I learned about the company, about what it was doing, about what and how it was doing it, I felt more and more interested in working with them.

I appreciate having been given the information I needed and the time to digest it, without once being subjected to a pushy sales pitch.

I now feel a tremendous sense of peace, I do not have to fret because of the daily gyrations of the stock and bond markets. I presently still live in the US, but I am planning to live abroad, and I very much needed some assets outside the US, so Maderas Futuro also met my need for asset diversification.

I had been searching for what Precious Timber provides for more than ten years. I am so grateful I’ve found them, and look forward to working with them in the coming years.