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Growing tropical hardwood trees is what we do, but our passion for Nicaragua has always been the same. From the moment we first saw the country in 1993 and met the local people of San Juan del Sur, our focus has remained on the promise we made to ourselves – to create jobs, lend a helping hand to people, and do all we can to share the good news of today’s Nicaragua with the rest of the world.

Many nations remember the war torn images of the 1970’s when Nicaragua was fighting to free herself from the Somoza dictatorship. Few know her amazing story since and the remarkable opportunities that exist. A politically stable nation, with a young and educated population, growing economic conditions, on the way to 100% energy independent, and a booming tourism are just the beginning.

Every private hardwood owner we welcome into the Precious Timber family brings much more to the local community than simply hardwood ownership. Whenever a client purchases their own timberland they generate the following:

  • One full-time plantation job
  • Five seasonal plantation jobs
  • Ten hand-made hardwood school chairs for a local school dedicated in the clients name, a school uniform, pair of shoes, and a backpack for a child that is part of a family who cannot afford to buy them so the child does not attend school
  • A donation to the local clinic earmarked for medication expenses for the elderly population

Together, we believe anything is possible, and we encourage you to visit Nicaragua and our plantations. Whether you choose to own tropical hardwoods as part of your financial portfolio or not, please consider joining us in our sustainable community projects.

Chairs For Schools

Precious Timber learned during the summer of 2011 that as many as half of all children in Nicaragua go without a chair to sit on during class. Being comfortable is an important part to any learning experience, and having a desk and chair shouldn’t be something that is available to some student and not others.

Nicaraguan classrooms often have as many as 50+ students per class, and teachers struggle to gain the focus needed from their kids due to many of them having to get up so often just to keep their bodies from aching.

Precious Timber chairs for schools is dedicated to providing every school and every child with a comfortable chair and desktop. Using the timber we harvest from our own hardwoods we are committed to manufacture as many chairs as needed so that every child has a place to sit when at school. If you would like to purchase a chair for a child you can do so here.

Are you interested in supporting the Chairs For Schools initiative?

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