The Canal will at some point be a reality here in Nicaragua

Wednesday, September 14, 2022 | Carlos Fernando Alvarez

“The Canal will at some point be a reality here in Nicaragua. Why? Because it is true that there is a Panama Canal, which has been expanded, but the demands of international traffic are so great that the Canal through Nicaragua is necessary,” he said.

Mayor’s Office of Managua invites you to enjoy the national holidays on Paseo Xolotlán
He mentioned that this will allow greater progress for Nicaraguans. “It is necessary for the peoples, for peace, for the greater development of the economy of our country, for all our brothers who are seeing us, in the cities, in the countryside, counties, the Miskito communities, Mayangnas, in the Afro-descendant communities in the Bluefields area, the Garifuna brothers and the Ramaqui brothers, of the little island that is there on the small island in Bluefields, community that has remained with its roots,” he said.

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