These are the 10 hottest destinations billionaires are traveling to in 2020

Business Insider teamed up with boutique luxury travel agency Original Travel, which plans trips for high-net-worth individuals, to find out the hottest spots the elite are spending their money on in 2020. They based this ranking on the number of bookings and performance; the latter was assessed by feedback, their expertise, and client inquiries.

Overall, billionaires are seeking out the unknown and the exclusive, from off-the-beaten path Kyrgyzstan to Nicaragua, newly removed from the FCO travel warning list. They’re also looking to set sail, opting for intimate luxury cruises in far-flung destinations like the Maldives and Antarctica.

While they seem to have a taste for the exotic, they’re also headed to the Middle East and Europe to visit a few more well-traveled countries.

Here are the destinations the ultra-wealthy will be checking off their bucket lists in the new decade.

With Nicaragua removed from the FCO travel warning list in 2019, it’s set to welcome international visitors once again, Tom Barber, cofounder of Original Travel, told Business Insider. “Nicaragua has everything that we love so much about Costa Rica, but with fewer tourists and — as it’s the largest country in Central America — more space to get off the beaten track,” he said.

Its city of Granada has an edge over cities in neighboring countries, he added, for its colonial appeal, pastel-colored baroque buildings, and rich Spanish architecture.

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