The Barrio Planta Project

The Barrio Planta Project

Summer is almost here, but education never takes a vacation!

Precious Timber has always recognized the importance of giving back, especially to the community in which we operate. Out of the many things we involve ourselves in, the Barrio Planta Project is one that has always been close to our hearts. There was no better time for us to reach out to you, our friends, exposing you to this great organization than today. Starting tomorrow (June) it is International Children’s Month (ICM), a time to celebrate the children of our world. ICM’s mission is to help provide a beautiful future for kids by advocating for self-love and better opportunities – to help a child grow, much like BPP’s year-round mission.

As Barrio Planta Project (BPP) enters our 10th year of operation, with schools in Nicaragua and Mexico, we need your help more than ever to continue to provide free supplementary after-school programs for students from pre-school age through 16 years old, to give them the tools they need to seize the opportunities ahead of them.


This June, help us make a real change and #HelpAChildGrow by providing the gift of education through BPP for our students in these impoverished areas of Nicaragua and Mexico where we operate. In honor of International Children’s Month and to help us keep our facilities sustainable, we are launching a fundraising campaign for the month of June with the target to raise $50,000. With your help, we can reach more students and provide them with a bright future for the rest of 2018 and beyond. Just $25 provides a child with transportation to get to and from our programs. Every contribution – big or small – makes an impact. Join us in recognition of children this June by making the best investment we can make towards a brighter future: education.


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