Tourism Trade Show to Feature Nicaragua

July 2, 2019

Following on the heels of the cancellation of the CANATUR (National Chamber of Tourism of Nicaragua) tourist fair (in June), known as FENITUR 2019, the Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism (INTUR) has announced that its holding their first International Tourism Fair; “NICATUR 2019” on Friday the 6th and Saturday the 7th of September 2019.

The event will take place at the Olof Palme Convention Center in Managua where the institute aims to; “promote and position Nicaragua as an international tourist destination” and “create links between tourism businesses in Nicaragua and wholesalers from North America, Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe and Asia”.

Also participating will be journalists from 15 countries, including “bloggers” who specialize in tourism. INTUR expects more than 100 national exhibitors; among them will be entrepreneurs who have not previously had the opportunity to participate in international fairs.

Anasha Campbell, Co-Director of INTUR said “Nicaragua is a country that can offer tourists an attractive and varied collection of exceptional natural riches and cultural heritage”. She added: “This fair aims to be a showcase to publicize the products, services and tourism in this country of lakes and volcanoes in our Nicaragua”.

As is usual at these events, the first day will be devoted to professionals in the tourism sector making contacts with national exhibitors and international buyers. The second day will be open to the general public starting at 12 noon.

The Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism (INTUR) was created in July 1998 by Law 298 as an “Autonomous Entity of the State” (of Nicaragua) and the legal successor of the Ministry of Tourism.


The President of CANATUR, Lucy Valenti (representing the tourism sector in Nicaragua) said that under the current circumstances in Nicaragua, she couldn’t guarantee the success of the CANATUR International Tourism Fair and had reluctantly postponed the event until a later date (to be announced).

She urged all tourism businesses to continue working together in the search for options that contribute to safeguarding the interests of the nation and our Tourism Industry and to find alternatives to continue with the different actions of promotion of our beautiful destination in order to recover the positive image of Nicaragua at an international level.