We had a Fabulous Time

Dear Ken and Alex,

It is now Tuesday evening. Marcelyn and I have just gotten back to the Camino Real Hotel. We return home this coming weekend. We wish to provide feedback from our just completed Discovery Tour.

Foremost is that we both consider our trip to be a total success. There is nothing that we can suggest for improvement. Your entire staff is simply outstanding. Ken saw to every need, and did so with charm, and absent high pressure selling mode. Lily was delightful, obviously very intelligent, graceful, and to our way of thinking a major asset. Etc., etc., etc.

From a business perspective, all of our questions were answered. We can only deduce that we have made the right decision to commit to the coconut tree program.

Yesterday and today (Monday and Tuesday) were sightseeing days for us using the Nicaragua Adventures tour service that is headquartered in Granada. I mention this because our tour guide, Eddie Mendoza, turns out to be a graduate agricultural engineer who was not able to find an agricultural position upon graduation. His need to support his family led to a tour guide position, but he expressed strong interest in getting into agriculture since that is his passion and his education, but little real world experience. Bottom line here is that we gave Eddie your contact information. We presume that you may be contacted about employment, and wish that you not be surprised should you hear from Eddie. We can only attest to his overall skills as a tour guide, and his outstanding English language skills, but nothing as to his engineering acumen. He is proactive, communicates well, and is an outstanding young man. He exhibited good follow through and good judgment.

Thank you for everything that you have done for us. We view this tour to be the beginning of a long term relationship, a kind of extended family.

All the best to everyone at Maderas Futuro, and may you succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

Bud and Marcelyn