Tourism in Guatemala: Reopening Must Wait

Friday, July 3, 2020

The revival of national tourism was planned for July 15, but due to the current conditions of the covid-19 outbreak, the new date to allow tourism activities at the local level is expected to be August 15.

The spread of the virus forced the Guatemalan authorities to close the borders to visitors, ban commercial flights and restrict tourist activities throughout the country.

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Now, the government works on designing strategies for the orderly reopening of the tourism sector.

Mynor Cordon, director of the Guatemalan Tourism Institute (Inguat), told that “… At the time we talked about July 15 being a tentative date, on which the INGUAT and the private sector had the strategy ready for the reactivation of national tourism in the first instance. Given the current conditions, and the fact that unfortunately we are still dealing with the issue of the covid-19, logically we have to readjust the strategy of reactivation and we have set a new date of August 15th.

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Cordón added that “… these are tentative dates, and will depend on being able to open a normal mobilization within the country, and that we can count on a partial opening of hotels and restaurants.”


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